Crossfit Teens 


If you have a teenager that is considering going to a gym then this maybe just what you’re looking for, our newly introduced teens classes here at Rochford CrossFit, offer class based sessions that are coached by one of our qualified Crossfit Instructors.


How do I get my son/daughter started?

To start off with we run a foundation course much like we do with the adults classes, this is done over 2 weeks with 4 x 1 hour sessions and the cost is £20 for the 4 session course. 

Please fill out the enquiry form below to find out when the next course is. 

Is it safe for my son/daughter to lift weights? 

We introduce all movements by using a PVC pipe and then slowly and gradually building up the weight whilst always keeping the movement safe and controlled under the watchful eye of our instructor. 

How big are the classes? 

We cap all class sizes at 12 participants this way it gives enough time for the coach to work with each person making sure that their technique is correct. 

What happens after they have finished the foundation course? 

After they have successfully completed the foundation course they will then be able to joining in on the main classes, please follow the link below for membership prices.

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